Group Coaching

Turn your team into magnets.
Compound trust.
Stand out.
Image of Amardeep delivering a workshop

Personal brands grow faster than business brands.

Build a team of thought leaders who reflect well on your company.

Showcase their exceptional talent and leads will come flying in.

The public is too smart for inauthentic corporate forced posts.

How we make impact

  1. We take the time to understand your company's “why”.
  2. We assess your current tactics vs the market.
  3. We build tailored workshops for your needs.
  4. We deliver concise and practical lessons.
  5. We take open questions from the team.
  6. We send supplementary information.
  7. We return to expand when needed.

Base pricing

  • Workshop for less than 10 people (from £300 per hour)
    - Strategy goals 45-minute pre-call.
    - Competitive analysis.
    - 45-minute delivery on-site.
    - 15-minute Q&A.
  • Price variances:
    - 20% discount virtual.
    - Travel costs if outside of London.
    - £30 extra per head up to 30 people.
    - Custom pricing if more than 30 people.

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