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ammi: Emotional wellbeing support & practical expertise for parents

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ammi: Emotional wellbeing support & practical expertise for parents

❓ Business Model

  • Provide expectant and new parents with evidence based wellbeing support and direct access to parental and infant health experts.
  • Subscription model plus platform fees.

📈 Traction

  • Run 30+ online workshops with a wide range of parental and infant health experts.
  • Over 500 parents have attended ammi's workshops and given it a net promotor score of 74 (excellent).
  • Created a scalable, evidence-based coaching program with a global team of clinicians.
  • Developed a high fidelity prototype which has gone through 2 rounds a user testing.
  • Early interest from corporates and community members on paid services.

🌱Founding Team

  • Priyanka Mahajan (Founder & CEO)
    - Resigned from her last corporate role as Director of EMEA Strategy of a Fortune 500 company to pursue ventures with impact.
    - Learn, Hustle and Thrive mindset: Worked and studied in 4 different countries and led teams in multiple business functions such as Operations, Marketing, Commercial and Strategy.

ammi: Emotional wellbeing support & practical expertise for parents

📖 Story

After resigning from her last corporate role, Priyanka joined Zinc VC’s 4th venture builder.

While researching the problem of children’s mental health, she learned that nearly 1 in 3 new mothers experience poor mental health and their children are 5x more likely to grow up with mental health difficulties.

Priyanka was reminded of her own experience as a new mum with no continuity of care and limited access to experts leading to feelings of anxiety, failure, and isolation. It's only gotten worse since. Public services remain a postcode lottery and private services are fragmented and expensive.

Priyanka realised there was an opportunity to create more accessible, scalable solutions to reach a wider audience.

👀 Reasons to watch

  • Pregnancy/postpartum is the #1 segment of the fast growing, $58bn Femtech market. Health systems are over-stretched, the gap is glaring and people, employers and insurers are spending more and more on alternative solutions.
  • ammi scales traditional coaching by digitising evidence-based techniques that are proven to have high engagement in web-based, self-led formats. These are specifically tailored to expectant and new parents, for the first time!
  • The platform offers continuity of care along with access to experts for specific perinatal needs. It takes away the friction in finding help as parents no longer need to search through a highly fragmented marketplace.
  • Priyanka has organically built a large community of parents, health and wellbeing experts, and created a prototype with her team of clinicians and tech experts, all on a shoe string budget and in just a few months! It's testament to her passion, grit and ability to hustle!

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