About Us

The BAE HQ is the #1 community of British Asian entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to inspire, connect and scale members of our community.

From the classroom to the boardroom, we drive collaboration so we can all rise together.

But what does this actually mean in practice?

On the inspire side, we interview founders who've scaled significantly to inspire the next generation. We share new stories of wins from the business and entrepreneur community. We go into schools and universities to deliver talks and workshops. We also have an extensive wiki which showcases some of the best British Asian entrepreneurs and the companies they've founded.

On the connect side, we host regular public events where we bring the community together. Another huge part is connecting founders and investors to close that funding gap. If you're looking for a job, we've got a job board of roles available at companies of founders in our network.

On the scale side, we've got a ton of free information on our site about how to build your startup. This include workshops called LAB podcasts from subject matter experts and leaders from all different fields.

There are so many different ways to get involved so make sure you explore our site fully to uncover everything.

P.S. BAE = British Asian Entrepreneur

Some highlights so far...

We officially started on October 16th 2022.

Some overall highlights:

  • 100+ podcast episodes.
  • 5 million+ cross-platform views.
  • Hiring full-time assistant Saharah Jane Dugong.
  • Hiring part-time video editor Aamir Hussain.
  • Recruiting Dimple Patel and Jay Gujral for our advisory board.
  • Our own private office.
  • HSBC Innovation Banking as headline partners for 2024.
  • Joelson as exclusive legal partners.

Here's our event timeline:

  • Launch event with Balderton Capital.
  • Fireside chat at National Franchise Exhibition with Asad Hamir.
  • Fireside chat at Soho Works with Dimple Patel.
  • Fireside chat at Soho Works with Navjot Sawhney.
  • Panel event at HSBC Innovation Banking with Jeff Chowdhury, Jay Gujral and Dimple Patel.
  • Fishbowl at Sifted Summit as Community Partner with Siddhi Mittal, Dhruvin Patel and Varun Bhanot.
  • University talk at University of Bath.
  • School talk at Ilford County High School.
  • 1st Anniversary event with Octopus Ventures.