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Bomway: Sourcing Made Easy

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Bomway: Sourcing Made Easy

❓ Business Model

  • Go-to platform for responsible sourcing leveraging supply chain data to make procurement faster and easier.
  • Primary revenue from subscription model and secondary from contract and partnership commissions.

📈 Traction

  • >3000 brands, labels and businesses signed up.
  • >1500 suppliers and manufacturers from S.Asia and Europe.
  • Raised ~$150K -  backers include B2B commerce founders of a Series D startup
  • Partnerships with an eco-packaging company for shipments and 3D sampling Company for last leg

🌱Founding Team

  • Poulami Bhomwick - (Co-founder & CEO)
  • Scaled a startup with SME manufacturers in clothing and accessories to a 500k USD GMV bootstrapped.
  • 8 years manufacturing/wholesale on-ground market and online marketplaces experiences
  • Santhosh Sandy (Co-founder & CTO)
  • Software engineer for 7+ years inc. Upwork and Netflix
  • Built Gliutter, part of Natwest London Accelerator
  • Isabella (Impact Specialist)
  • 8 years in monitoring and evaluation with clients such as UN and UK trade department
  • Work experience in the UK (London), Africa (Rwanda, Nigeria, amongst others), Europe

Bomway: Sourcing Made Easy

📖 Story

Customers set the provenance for brands in fashion- GenZ and Millennials have deep implications on buying. Thus, failing to abide by the ethos leads to shutting down risks. Some bigger labels are investing in the end-to-end supply chain transparency, for example M&S. However, over 80% are SMEs just in the UK (FashionUnited, 2020), and 70% globally. It’s excruciatingly sluggish, expensive and difficult to find the right and relevant information on suppliers’ or manufacturers’ licences, wages, quantity, lawsuits, and others.

Bomway aims to reduce the friction of unstructured sourcing and truly transform by solving for the mass; in this industry. We are building it like a Crunchbase of suppliers and democratizing brands’ access to information- in the due diligence of new and existing suppliers

👀 Reasons to watch

  • Their mission is towards labour transparency in the supply chain. None of the competitors are exclusively looking at the most crucial aspect of the ESG and that’s the wages and/or labour. They don’t make any information easily accessible or democratic either and aren’t conducting precise matching with AI (validity of certificates and other information of manufacturers) or blockchain (smart contracts) yet.
  • 41%  waitlisted brands are from the UK whilst 35% from the US, followed by 15% from India and 5% from the Western Europe. Our early adopters are SME brands like Estera Swim, British T shirt producing company, to name a few
  • Many of their manufacturers are SEDEX or GOTS or WFTO certified. They deal with manufacturers which make natural fabric and recycled fabric and help brands in launching their lines with those fabric at lower MOQ too. These fabric are bamboo absorbents, hemp, amongst others.
  • They've partnered with an eco-friendly box and polybag company which are made of corn and biodegrade in 60-80 days. They offer these to their customers with a turnaround time of 15-30 days. They are also, our partnered factory could provide them and ship it to them in between 15 to 30 days. They are exploring further partnerships to help their clients to reduce their client's carbon footprint.

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