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❓ Business Model

  • An essential tool for South Asian wedding suppliers & couples to connect and collaborate.
  • Active income through tiered subscription offerings for both wedding suppliers and wedding couples plus passive streams through ads and affiliate marketing.

📈 Traction

  • 30% committed of £250k pre-seed round.
  • 235% YOY growth in users, 296% YOY growth of suppliers, 400% YOY growth of in-platform enquiries.
  • Serviced 1,500 couples & 400+ suppliers.
  • 25k monthly views on our website & mobile app -40% growth rate in the last quarter.
  • Partnerships - NameSwitch, DesiCity, Provenance, yhangry.
  • Growing community of 20k+ organic social media followers.

🌱Founding Team

  • Anshika Arora (Founder & CEO)
    - Previously a Relationship Manager at HSBC Private Banking for High Net Worth Individuals for 2.5 years.
    - Designed and developed initial product.

📖 Story

Anshika found the South Asian wedding industry extremely scattered, traditional and overwhelming while trying to help plan her sister's wedding in 2020.

It was the first in their family and everything felt harder than it should be.

There was little-to-no presence in the digital space which shocked Anshika considering the South Asian wedding industry accounts for £5bn revenue contribution to the UK economy and £40bn worldwide.

Modern couples had different needs to the current system because they had much higher financial autonomy, decision-making authority and desire for convenience than couples in earlier times.

She set about building a solution while still working full-time which had 3 key elements: directory, digital CRM tools and inspiration.

Anshika soon realised the potential was huge and left her day job to continue to grow the community and scale the business.

👀 Reasons to watch

  • Every British Asian will have either experienced the stress of wedding planning or witnessed it. Around 75% of couples wish to use technology at some point on their wedding planning journey, this is a problem people demand a solution for.
  • Wedding tech has already seen big exits in other niches and geographies such as Hitched (sold to TKWW for £40m) and WeddingWire India (sold to WeddingWire).
  • Weddings are an evergreen industry expected to grow 15% YOY until 2030 worldwide which makes their revenue model sustainable in a growing industry.
  • The average couple spends 528 hours planning a single wedding event (that's 22 days!). Eternity is solving a large problem by increasing efficiencies and decreasing wedding planning frustration.

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