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Kuma Health: Empowering people with inflammatory diseases

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Kuma Health: Empowering people with inflammatory diseases

❓ Business Model

  • A digital health platform that acts as a personalised companion for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.
  • Currently B2C and roadmap is to sell to health providers.

📈 Traction

  • Raised £150K from an impact VC
  • Onboarded 100+ Trusted Testers for MVP development
  • Clinical Pilot with King's College London
  • Key advisors include the Head of Digital innovation at Sanofi
  • Supported by the charity Lupus UK
  • Part of the Microsoft for Start-ups Programme

🌱Founding Team

  • Pavandeep Rai (CEO)
    - PhD with over 10 years in drug development research
    - Strategy Consulting with focus on Pharmaceutical Growth Strategy
  • Karim Sandid (CMPO)
    - Clinician with over 13 years as a GP
    - Specialist in Medical Design
  • Stayce Cavanaugh (CTO)
    - Ex-Google Software engineer with a specialism in healthcare data
    - Serial Entrepreneur

Kuma Health: Empowering people with inflammatory diseases

📖 Story

Kuma Health was founded by Pavandeep Rai PhD, Karim Sandid, MD, and Stayce Cavanaugh. Inspired by their collective experiences in scientific research, clinical practice, and tech innovation, they envisioned a platform to revolutionise chronic disease management. Witnessing the challenges faced by patients with autoimmune diseases first hand through Stayce's own experience with lupus.

They aimed to create a solution that integrated inflammatory biomarker monitoring with digital health tools and patient health data. Their goal was to empower patients and clinicians with personalised, disease specific data, reduce health inequalities and provide valuable data for pharmaceutical advancements.

👀 Reasons to watch

  • Their AI-powered platform integrates disease specific inflammation tracking with environmental and patient data to predict flares and suggest personalised management plans to mitigate symptom flares. This technological edge not only improves patient outcomes but also reduces healthcare costs, making it a game-changer in chronic disease management.
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases (CIDs) affect over 10% of the global population, with a market potential estimated at $133.1 billion. This growing market presents a significant opportunity for Kuma Health to capture a substantial share by offering innovative, data-driven solutions that address critical unmet needs.
  • Their team combines academic research, commercial health experiences, deep medical expertise, successful startup experience, and personal insights into living with chronic inflammatory Diseases such as Lupus. This unique blend of skills and perspectives ensures that they are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry and deliver on our vision.
  • Future pipeline strong because of their relationships with charities and patient advocacy groups who are championing their cause to leading organisations.

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