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MyARC: Train Your Fans At Scale

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MyARC: Train Your Fans At Scale

❓ Business Model

  • MyARC is a platform that enables fitness creators to train their fans at scale.
  • Creators charge their fans a monthly fee to train with them on the MyARC app and we take a platform fee of 15%.

📈 Traction

  • Generated over 7 figures in revenue with less than $280k raised and a team of 4.
  • Taken creators from minimum wage to 6-figures.
  • 600% organic growth in last 12 months ($0 CAC).
  • Transformed the health of 1000s including breast cancer survivors.
  • Over 35m reps and 57m lbs have been tracked on the app.
  • Techstars portfolio company.

🌱Founding Team

  • Peter Monteza (CEO & Co-Founder)
    - Went from obese to a national level athlete in the space of two years.
    - Hult Prize Finalist in Kenya for developing a block chain solution for small scale coffee farmers.
  • Arohan Subramonia (CTO & Co-Founder)
    - Built POS systems at Sunday ($100M Series A)
    - Former host of React Native London (3000+ members)
  • Nikhil Shah (Chief Architect & Co-Founder)
    - Built software to automate the procurement process at CloudNC ($45M Series B)
    - Built creator management + email notification system for brands such as  Myprotein, Lookfantastic and Zavvi.
MyARC: Train Your Fans At Scale

📖 Story

Fitness saved Peter’s life as he went from obese, struggling with his physical and mental health, to a national level athlete. Fitness guidance was expensive, generic and unstructured. Fast forward 13 years and it’s still the same.

Creators are still selling PDFs to provide online fitness.. the same PDFs Peter was buying over a decade ago when he was obese! Today’s training software caps out at around 20-30 clients for creators making it expensive for consumers ($500/month). It’s not built for scale.

The infrastructure to provide personalised online fitness at scale does not exist. Identifying this gap led to the creation of MyARC with the goal to make personalised fitness accessible for consumers, and moving the industry away from the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach which fails people everyday.

👀 Reasons to watch

  • Online fitness is growing 33% YoY and expected to reach $60bn and the creator economy is expected to double and reach $500bn by 2027. Fitness is one of the biggest niches in the creator economy but there is no infrastructure to enable a personalised training experience between fitness creators and their fans which is both scalable and affordable.
  • MyARC is creating the world's first hyper-personalised fitness marketplace. Trainers will be able to make workouts that automatically calibrates to millions of different clients instantly - each with individual abilities, lifestyles and bodies.
  • MyARC has generated 7 figures+ in annual recurring revenue with a team of four and less than $280k raised. On average it takes startups over $2m raised to achieve the same revenue metrics. The MyARC team is highly technical and capital efficient, we project to hit 8-figures with a team size <10.
  • Virality and network effects are beginning to emerge as 1000s of users share their progress daily, compete and keep each other accountable in the MyARC community chats. It's revealed strong-Strava like social mechanics which has serious growth and engagement potential for the user base. An exciting part of the roadmap to explore this year.

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