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Tala Thrive: Truly Culturally Competent Care

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Tala Thrive: Truly Culturally Competent Care

❓ Business Model

  • Mental health platform that matches people with therapists and coaches who understand their culture, language and/or religion - for truly culturally competent care.
  • % cut from our therapy and coaching calls as well as monthly subscription model for our upcoming online CBT programs and B2B2C wellness offerings.

📈 Traction

  • Built team of 9 in <1 year including CTO.
  • Soft launched 1st product with 40 therapists and coaches with strong feedback.
  • Hosted 1st in-person event at The Conduit with 70+ attendees.
  • Been featured in the Guardian and London Evening Standard.
  • Launched Humans of Tala Thrive - a new series highlighting amazing people, celebrities and influencers from different cultural backgrounds.
  • 100s on waitlist organically.

🌱Founding Team

  • Sonia Kaurah (Founder & CEO)
    - Ex VC and Mentor in residence and have supported over 200 startups to raise their first round of capital or grow.
    - Degree in Psychology.

Tala Thrive: Truly Culturally Competent Care

📖 Story

Sonia Kaurah started Tala Thrive in 2023 after her experiences of having to educate her therapists and getting advise that was not culturally relevant.

1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem in the UK every year and people from different cultural backgrounds face many other challenges such as cultural identity issues, racism, minority stress, colourism and more.

Sonia has a degree in Psychology and has worked in VC and startup mentoring and identified this gap in the market as there is currently no mental health platform in Europe matching you to a therapist or coach who understands your culture, language or religion for culturally competent care.

Sonia has faced many of these challenges herself and has now interviewed over 150 therapists and coaches and the target market to understand the need and has built a product to fill this gap.

👀 Reasons to watch

  • 1 in 4 in the UK suffer from a mental health disorder annually. People from diverse cultural backgrounds make up 17 million people in the UK alone and they face many unique challenges such as racism, cultural identity issues and more. Culturally competent care is not talked about enough but is a massive need.
  • There is currently no other platform in Europe to match you to a therapist or coach who understands your culture, language or religion and there is a large underserved market.
  • They have a team of 9 on board (all working for equity) including our clinical advisor Norman Kim who is the Head of DEI at Columbia University Department of Psychiatry and adjunct faculty at NYU.
  • They have big plans for expansion in both product and geography. Version two of our platform will include online CBT programs in the areas of racism, cultural identity issues and more as well as utilising AI to enable daily voice check-ins to assess the user’s emotion and view this on a dashboard (in the same way we view our physical health today).

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