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TEXpert AI: Data-driven DEI Strategy on a Platform

TEXpert AI: Data-driven DEI Strategy on a Platform

❓ Business Model

  • Help companies embed fairness and generate social impact using data analytics & AI
  • SaaS Subscription for social impact analytics covering workforce, supply chain and portfolio and AI-fair selection tool to highlight diverse candidates and suppliers.

📈 Traction

  • Bethnal Green Venture (BGV) Portfolio Company - raised pre-seed
  • Current customers have AUM £50m.
  • Customers in pipeline have AUM £150Bn
  • Part of Cambridge University Institute of Sustainable Leadership & British Standards Institute Programme

🌱Founding Team

  • Drishdey Caullychurn (Founder & CEO)
    - Former Treasury Trader - Managed $8Bn in Assets and Liabilities Across 3 continents.
    - MBA holder from Imperial College & Best Entrepreneurial Journey Award Winner from IBM.
  • Paras Daryanani (CTO)
    - Former Airbus Tech Consultant.
    - Worked with Revolut to deliver tech projects.
TEXpert AI: Data-driven DEI Strategy on a Platform

📖 Story

TEXpert AI was born from a feeling of unbelonging.

After spending a decade on trading floors, the founder wanted to create more representation and fairness in traditionally imbalanced workplaces.

They started collecting demographics and inclusion data about founders and employees, derived powerful insights from the data using analytics and created demographics-informed datasets such that they could remove biases in Algorithms used in organisations.

They now offer a broad range of analytics covering human capital and labour force and provide impact and social sustainability data sourced directly from portfolio companies, assessed at fund-level for limited partners' reporting and large corporates' social impact agenda.

👀 Reasons to watch

  • Selected amongst top 12 projects enabling access to ESG Data Access for the UK professional and financial services sector by Innovate UK.
  • Enabled customer to increase sense of belonging by 33% and psychological safety by 25% for minority groups.
  • The only specialist social data collectors covering workforce, supply chain and portfolio in private markets with a completely transparent and auditable process.

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