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Wild Chai: Authentic Indians Blends

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Wild Chai: Authentic Indians Blends

❓ Business Model

  • Curate authentic Indian blends based on Ayurvedic principles.
  • You can buy these drink blends direct from them!

📈 Traction

  • Winners of 'Advance for Growth' Award  with JCDecaux, West London Chambers of Commerce and Hounslow Council.
  • Featured in British Vogue, British GQ and Country and Townhouse.
  • In process of being stocked in major retailer (but cannot be mentioned online yet).

🌱Founding Team

  • Jasmine Kharod (Director)
    - Fully qualified chef!
    - Day job as an M&A deal advisor.
  • Alicia Kharod (Director)
    - Day job as Program Manager at Google.
    - Previously Google and BlackBerry.
Wild Chai: Authentic Indians Blends

📖 Story

Wild Chai, a South Asian female-led business, emerged from the concern about rising diabetes rates in it’s community, coupled with the widespread love for chai in the UK.

Witnessing the often sugar-laden chai options, their mission is to redefine the beverage landscape. Drawing inspiration from Ayurvedic principles, the aim was to create authentic blends that delighted taste buds whilst prioritising health.

Fuelled by a passion for making better choices, Wild Chai not only commits to curating mindful blends but also gives back to the Assam community through various programs by partnering with carbon-neutral sustainable farms.

👀 Reasons to watch

  • With the popularity of chai on the rise in the UK, Wild Chai stands at the forefront of an expanding market. Investors may find excitement in the potential for growth and innovation within the beverage industry. Our unique approach, blending traditional South Asian flavors with health-conscious elements, positions Wild Chai as a distinctive player in the market, offering something fresh and appealing to consumers.
  • We recently secured the 'Advance for Growth' Award, entitling them to free billboard advertising in the London Borough of Hounslow for an entire year. JCDecaux has expressed its objective to assist us in establishing brand recognition and increasing our visibility - they called it 'Brand Fame'.
  • Beyond profits, Wild Chai is committed to making a difference. By addressing the diabetes issue in our community and engaging in various community programs, they've positioned their business as one that cares about social impact. Investors can be excited about supporting a venture that goes beyond business to create positive change. Wild Chai's commitment to partnering with carbon-neutral sustainable farms reflects a dedication to environmental responsibility. In an era where sustainable practices are a crucial consideration, investors can be enthusiastic about supporting a business that not only minimises its ecological footprint but actively contributes to the well-being of the planet.
  • The founders won't stop working on this until Wild Chai becomes global! Balancing a full-time job alongside running a side business isn't a simple task. However, this challenge serves as a reminder of their strong work ethic.

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