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Wyzr: Cloud-based AI-powered CFO

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Wyzr: Cloud-based AI-powered CFO

❓ Business Model

  • Cloud-based AI-powered CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for micro-SMEs that can't afford to hire a finance director or CFO
  • Monthly subscription-based model

📈 Traction

  • Raised £150K in angel funding so far inc. EMEA president of one of India's largest Tech companies.
  • Backed by NatWest Bank's accelerator.
  • 40 small businesses currently in private Beta.
  • Top 6 out of 250 startups selected to present at the Pan-IIT European Conference in Oct-2023.
  • Featured in the Financial Times.

🌱Founding Team

  • Ajit Barik (CEO & Founder)
    - Former Deutsche Bank Derivatives Trader.
    - Alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Management.
Wyzr: Cloud-based AI-powered CFO

📖 Story

Ajit originally started Wyzr as a personal finance platform to deliver highly personalised insights and financial guidance to consumers. Bootstrapping all the way, Wyzr's personal finance platform was launched late 2022 and had a successful pilot with over 1000 customers. However, the funding winter in 2023 meant B2C fintech was especially hit hard, meaning Wyzr's personal finance platform couldn't develop any further.

With 0 money and faced with the prospect of shutting down, Wyzr found inspiration in small business owners. Just like individual consumers, small business owners struggled with managing their business finances and cash flows. This was the pivot that Wyzr needed, subsequently it managed to raise funds, build a new team, develop an exciting AI-powered product, create a pipeline of initial customers, and embark on a beta programme.

👀 Reasons to watch

  • Wyzr is building UK's first AI-powered CFO for micro-SMEs. SMEs space together with AI is an extremely exciting combination with a massive opportunity set. There are 5.3 million micro-SMEs with total addressable market size of £2.5B/year, just in the UK.
  • Wyzr's proposition directly addresses customers pain-points that includes: lack of expertise in managing finances, lack of time, expensive alternatives like hiring a finance director or CFO, etc. Wyzr's AI CFO will over time be able to carry out most of the essential financial management tasks for small businesses, in fraction of a time and cost.
  • Wyzr already has 40 small businesses sign up to test the product, without any marketing or sales pitch. This is an early evidence that Wyzr is solving a real problem that the market has.
  • Wyzr is backed by NatWest Bank's accelerator, and NatWest Bank has shown an active strategic interest in Wyzr.

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