5 Best Lessons From "The Source" By Dr Tara Swart According To Grishma Patel

The Source

Dr Tara Swart

5 Best Lessons From "The Source" By Dr Tara Swart According To Grishma PatelBuy BookGo To Book Hub

If like me, you’re cynical when you hear the words manifestation and visualisation. This book may help change your perspective and deepen your understanding.

Dr Tara is a neuroscientist with a unique approach to personal growth. She blends eastern philosophy, spirituality and science. In this book, she explains how the brain works. She shows us how we can use these tools to lead more fulfilling lives. 

Summarised below, are the lessons I learned and will be taking with me. 

1. Master your emotions.

Dr Tara states that by being aware of our emotions and being able to control them, we can take back power in our lives. 

We all know life is unpredictable and she gives us tools on how we can navigate uncertain situations. By doing this, we can learn to react in a way that’s in line with our values.

I took up her suggestion of daily meditation practice. What I found is that I am feeling much calmer and a lot more aware of intense feelings when they arise. 

She also advises taking notes on our feelings. What makes us happy/sad, what energise and de-energises us? Journaling for me has been one of the best investments of my time. 

What I found was that I was complaining about a particular aspect of my life a lot, and it has spurred me to make changes. It has also re-affirmed for me that I am happiest when I am spending time with loved ones and exploring. 

I am becoming much better at recognising patterns. What patterns do you see in your life? 

2. Re-invent, Re-Imagine, Re-Think 

Most of us will try new things at some point in our life, but what I didn't know is that is also creating new neural pathways.

This shows me is that there is no limitation of what my brain is capable of. By learning new things, I am teaching my brain to think in new ways. 

In her book she talks about how playing an instrument is a great way to build connections across the brain. It also improves memory and problem-solving skills. So, encouraged by this I have started to play the flute.

What new thing will you do today?

3. Move Forward with Fear 

I found myself nodding my head when she talks about how some of the best things in life come from failure and our lows. Fear holds us back from so much, it prevents growth and leaves us inactive. 

We are all capable of overcoming fear and disrupting our self-limiting beliefs. We have it within us to make good things happen. 

She lists many strategies to achieve this. The one that resonated with me was creating a list of positive affirmations. She tells us to place it somewhere visible and reference it daily. I’ve enjoyed combining this with my new hobby of painting. This practice has given me a lot of positive energy and confidence and helps me when I am feeling anxious. 

What fear is holding you back? 

4. It’s only Impossible until its possible 

Dr Tara asks when visualising, not only to see our vision, but to smell, feel, hear and touch. To immerse ourselves in the details. I am surprised to learn that if we do this well; our brain cannot tell what is real and imagined. 

For me, I also like that this gives me a hopeful and optimistic way of looking at the future.

I am visualising with all my senses a new path forward for myself and teaching my brain to accept a new reality for me. 

What are you manifesting for yourself? 

5. Listen to your body and let it guide you. 

I had no idea our brain uses our body to deliver messages. That my racing heart and gut feelings are signals. 

Why is my heart beating faster - am I nervous or anxious? I have become more aware of my feelings and how they relate to my emotions and physical well-being. I'm now conscious of what my body is trying to tell me. 

When I get that warm fuzzy feeling and butterflies in my stomach. I understand now my brain is telling me this is positive 😊

What is your body telling you? 


  • Master your emotions: The way we think determines our lives 
  • Re-invent, Re-Imagine, Re-Think: Challenge yourself consistently
  • Move Forward with fear: Let go of past beliefs and embrace change
  • It’s only Impossible until its possible: Dream big, the future is what you believe it to be
  • Listen to your body and let it guide you: Listen to the voice with no words

I can conclude that Dr Tara has successfully converted this sceptic into a believer.

I now see how these tools can help me create a fulfilling life. I have a much deeper appreciation of how amazing my brain is.

Finally, I love this quote of hers “Make life happen for you, not to you”, it’s a reminder to me to live an intentional life. 

I want mine to be a good life and I will manifest the life I want because I see it, I choose it and I believe it. 

How will you choose to live yours? 

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