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Photo of Amardeep Parmar in The BAE HQ merch

Amardeep Parmar

Co-CEO Leading Media

Photo of Gurvir Riyat in The BAE HQ Merch

Gurvir Riyat

Co-CEO Leading Investment


Photo of Aamir Hussain in The BAE HQ Merch

Aamir Hussain

Video Content Lead

Photo of Saharah Jane Zapis

Saharah Jane Zapis

Executive Assistant to CEOs

Board of Advisors

Photo of Dimple Patel in The BAE HQ merch

Dimple Patel


Photo of Jay Gujral in The BAE HQ merch

Jay Gujral



Photo of Grishma Patel for The BAE HQ

Grishma Patel

Events Lead

Photo of Naim Malik in The BAE HQ Merch

Naim Malik

Sports Lead


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Photo of Uma Balachandra

Uma Balachandran

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Photo of Ranveer Kaur for The BAE HQ

Ranveer Kaur

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