Investment Overview

There are so many great British Asian Entrepreneurs that are doing amazing things.

Yet even with us doing great, somehow we are all working in individual silos and the lack of collaboration is holding us back.

This is leading to a tiny % of VC funding going to BAE’s and them finding difficulties even getting into the room or even being aware of the funding options available. And yet there are also a bunch of investors or being who have successful business that want to invest in BAE’s but they don't know who they are.

How We Can Help

1. Submit your deck to The BAE Network

While we are not a fund, we are well connected to many investors of different backgrounds and use that network to help open doors.

Some ground rules:

  • We only look at decks submitted through our process - please don't DM or email us we lose time in organisation.
  • We will guarantee a response within 30 days of your deck being submitted
  • We are open to companies at all stages in their investment process from early Pre-Seed Investments to companies that are IPO ready


  • The deck will undergo an initial screening.
  • The deck will be then reviewed by our in house Investment Committee made up of BAE HQ Community Members that work for some of the leading Venture Capital and Growth Funds within the UK that are donating their time to.
  • If the deck receives a specific average rating it is then passed to the next stage and if not, we will provide some feedback on the reasoning for this.
  • We will then decide who would be the best fit in terms of introductions to investors or strategic connections within our network
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2. Join our angel network

Many of you may now be in a place where you've made some money and want to invest it in the hottest British Asian founded startups.

We see many potential deals and after our rigorous process can share these opportunities to you where they may be a fit if you are looking to make angel investments.

Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.

As our network grows, we will keep upgrading this process.

Become a BAE Angel

3. Hire us to build your pitch deck with you

Some of you may be in a rush or need dedicated time from us to work in depth on your deck.

If this is the case, we offer paid services to increase your chances of getting the funding you need.

This can include:

  • Comprehensive review of your pitch deck
  • Detailed feedback on areas to improve
  • Full editing and updates made to the deck and testing of the process within our community
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