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Procurement and supply chain managers need better tools to collaborate with their suppliers.

ERP systems aren't built with collaboration and on-time deliveries in mind.

So procurement and supply chain managers go outside of them, using emails and spreadsheets to get the job done.

But when order information lives in siloed, manual tools, you're lacking visibility over the status of your delivery dates, production milestones, and the information needed to steer your production schedules in the right direction.

After struggling with traditional email, spreadsheets, and outdated ERP systems used by over 90% of procurement teams today,  founders of Kavida.ai made the decision: if better tools didn't exist, they'd build them. And so Kavida began.

Kavida is a platform that lets your team collaborate with their suppliers, track their shipments, and detect supplier delays using AI—giving you better visibility of your inbound orders, logistics, and supplier risks.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2024


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