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Nobody Studios
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At Nobody Studios,  startup artisans and serial entrepreneurs who curate the best ideas, expedite company creation, and craft successful ventures in succession. Proud to be crowd first and people first.

Aim to create 100 compelling companies in the next five years, guiding them from ideation through MVP to full-scale company validation.

The close-knit powerhouse team of talent at Nobody Studios is stacked with industry experts in the areas of marketing innovation, e-commerce business strategy, wellness, RE tech, fin-tech, data science, product innovation, and beyond. Larger than any one personality, and unified by our principles of rapid and frugal innovation, a ‘people first’ mentality, crowd first execution in everything, and transparency to our core.

Embarked on our first significant crowdfunding campaign at the end of 2022, inviting 900+ investors from 55 countries to come along on their journey to build companies that resonate with the crowd.

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April 30, 2024


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