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Pear Bio
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Pear Bio analyzes patient tumor samples and data with a proprietary computational biology platform to deconvolute complex cancer biology and drive patient-centric functional precision medicine and drug discovery.

Their ultimate goal is to optimally allocate approved treatments to cancer patients who will benefit from them, while creating novel therapies that are purpose-designed for patients who don't respond to available treatments.

The platform uses microphysiological systems and 3D computer vision to measure cancer progression over time. Pear Bio cultures patient tumor samples with matched blood into 3D immune-microtumors to test potential treatment options and combinations ex vivo. A proprietary computer vision/DL pipeline finds image-based spatial biomarkers in time-course 3D microscopy data of patient 3D immune-microtumors. Each treatment option is compared using these image biomarkers to predict which treatments have high potential efficacy for each patient.

Patient data and excess tissue/blood feed into a multi-omics pipeline, which allows us to find novel druggable targets in patients who don't respond to approved therapies. These targets are then developed into our in-house drug discovery pipeline, which eventually feeds back into clinical care through our predictive biomarker platform.

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Last Updated: Feb 28, 2024


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