The Sikh Group

The Sikh Group
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The Sikh Directory

The first edition of the Sikh Directory was published in March 2006 and has since been updated and published annually. The Sikh Directory is currently the world’s largest and most comprehensive directory of Sikh businesses. It is an established and trusted brand which stimulates community networking and connects buyers and sellers. It is regarded by many as a powerful voice and platform for the global Sikh community. 2019 we will be launching the new International Sikh Directory.

The Sikh Awards

The world’s first Sikh Awards ceremony took place in 2010 recognising the energy, drive and passion behind the Sikh community within all commercial, industrial and community sectors. The prestigous event aims to promote the values and ethics of the Sikh community including excellence, equality, love, sharing, justice and spirituality. The Sikh Awards have continued to grow from strength to strength each year, honouring exceptional Sikh individuals and organisations for their achievements globally.

The Sikh 100

With over 26 million Sikhs worldwide, the Sikh Dharam is the 5th largest religion in the world. The Sikh 100 profiles some of the most powerful and influential contemporary individuals of Sikh heritage from around the world and crosses all sectors including business, education, profession, media, entertainment, sport and charity.

The Sikh Charity

The Sikh Charity is a global non-profit organisation whose primary objectives are philanthropy and serving public interest for common good. We are creating unique platform of providing financial support and resource allocation to those who are in need because they are less fortunate, ill or have no other means.

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