Flight 2023 - Crane's GTM Summit πŸš€

Flight 2023 - Crane's GTM Summit πŸš€

Start Date:
October 17, 2023 11:45 AM
End Date:
October 17, 2023 8:00 PM

​It’ll be a day of learning from industry experts and fellow founders. We’re lining up sessions on topics like:

  • ​The state of the market: AI, M&A, and the new normal by Peter Spofforth, partner at Qatalyst Partners
  • ​The impact of AI on product and company building by Leslie Miley, technical advisor to the CTO at Microsoft
  • ​Product challenges posed by Gen AI by Gabriel Hubert, co-founder at Dust
  • ​How to build a product and company on a rapidly changing foundation by Meryem Arik, co-founder at TitanML and Kerensa Jennings, Group Director, Data Platforms at BT
  • ​From the trenches: technical founders taking on commercialisation --> from open source to enterprise sales by Tomer Barnea, co-founder at Novu and Neil Jagdish Patel, co-founder at Axiom
  • ​Product positioning in a complex and rapidly changing ecosystem by Talia Moyal, head of marketing at Gitpod and Alicia Carney, product marketing at Ravio
  • ​The role of customer expansion in accelerating revenue growth by Jorge Gomez Sancha, co-founder and CEO at Tinybird


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