Start Date:
March 15, 2024 6:00 PM
End Date:
March 15, 2024 9:00 PM

Event Schedule:

​6-6:30 PM – Networking and Interest Groups:

​Upon arrival, you'll receive a flyer guiding you to discussions on specially curated topics for immediate, meaningful connections

​6:30-8 PM – Some Talks:

​A series of enlightening presentations from thought leaders will delve into significant areas:

​Welcome and Introduction to Future State - Unveiling the foundational ideas behind Network States

​Belarus Network State by Ray Svitla - Detailing efforts to create a SEZ for the Belarusian diaspora

​New City Development with Hong Kong Diaspora Experience by Clement Ngu - Sharing insights on new urban areas for the Hong Kong diaspora

​A Sanctuary Nation is a Network Nation - Liam and David presents the AstralShip's vision for the Welsh Government's Strategic Plan.

​Fairehold and new forms of Land Ownership - David and Alastair (Open System Labs)

​Emergency State Infrastructure - Sepp and David (Odyssean Institute) describe a human centered approach to the development of a digital emergency infrastructure for failed states

​Rebuild Ukraine - Exploring the unique contributions and journey of the Ukraine diaspora

​8-9 PM – Topic Discussions and Event Reflection:

​The event concludes with in-depth discussions on the presented themes, followed by a reflective session that highlights the insights and connections developed throughout the event.

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