Web3 x Science: Community-Driven Funding and Innovation in Synthetic Biology

Web3 x Science: Community-Driven Funding and Innovation in Synthetic Biology

Start Date:
August 31, 2023 6:30 PM
End Date:
August 31, 2023 10:30 PM

​Calling all academics, researchers, web3 developers and those that are curious about science! Join us for our monthly DeSci London meetup.

This month will feature a synthetic biology DAO, covering topics such as BioDAOs, funding strategies, IP-NFTs and more!

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​🗓️ When: The last Thursday of every month! Join us for a casual and friendly meetup with food and drinks.

​🌐 What: Science is broken and we think DeSci can fix it! We usually have a short talk from a DeSci project with lots of time of Q&A and networking. This month is focused on Synthetic Biology (see below for more)

​🔍 Curious about DeSci? DeSci stands for Decentralised Science, a growing web3 movement trying to improve science. Check out the articles below if you want to know more. But don't worry if your a newcomer, most people are!

This month ValleyDAO are speaking, a synthetic biology DAO! Synthetic biology leverages biological organisms to sustainably manufacture products such as animal-free meat, nutrients, clothes, fuels, fertilizers and medicine. These technologies are going to be paramount in solving the existential threats of climate change, food security and more.

​The talk will cover strategies for funding and advancing synthetic biology research focused on climate solutions and sustainable food systems through crowd-sourced, democratic platforms.

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Location: Upstairs at The Clachan Pub (right next to Oxford Circus Station)

If you're new to DeSci, check out these introduction articles:

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