Full-stack Engineer

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Full Time
February 27, 2024
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We are looking for an ambitious and product-focussed Full-stack Engineer to produce, update and maintain scalable software solutions and integrate these with our existing infrastructure. You’ll become an integral part of one or more cross-functional teams that produce touch points with HIVED's systems - developing shiny new product features for recipients or designing bulletproof workflows and apps for thousands of HIVED drivers and riders. As such, you will have a tangible impact on growing HIVED's product and apps in a rapid but sustainable fashion and ensuring a pleasant and clear user interaction with our systems.

As a Full-stack Engineer, you should be comfortable with both front-end and backend languages, development frameworks and third-party libraries as well as picking up new skills or technologies. You should also be a team player who is comfortable communicating their solutions both with engineers and non-technical team members and who isn't shy of proposing new solutions, with a knack for appealing visual design and utility.

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❌ This role has already been filled, better luck next time! ❌

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