Growth Manager (Demand Generation)

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Employment Type:
Full Time
January 10, 2024
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The Role

  • Reporting to our Commercial Director, you will establish a scalable and data-led Demand-Gen function from the ground up, poised for exponential growth with measurable results
  • You'll be responsible for managing and allocating our marketing budget to ensure maximum return on investment (ROI)
  • Your role includes providing the Sales/BD team with highly qualified leads that can be directly attributed to the Demand-Gen function's efforts
  • Additionally, your work will drive the expansion of our social following and engagement.
  • Collaborating with others, you will design and create compelling and irresistible media and content tailored to foster viral growth
  • You’ll focus on execution rather than getting deeply entangled in strategy intricacies. As a hands-on 'doer', you’ll take initiative, test ideas, and iterate as you progress

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❌ This role has already been filled, better luck next time! ❌

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