Head of Financial Operations

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Employment Type:
Full Time
February 27, 2024
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  • Reporting to the COO, you’ll manage a team and lead financial operations, ensuring the smooth functioning of our investment platform
  • You’ll optimise the end-to-end process for our customers to set up SPVs, and fund vehicles with us
  • You’ll optimise how we collect investments, process our fees and distribute funds to investee companies


  • Drive all aspects of post-investment support processes for Odin’s customers: issuing S/EIS and EIS certificates to investors; handling our responsibilities as delegated signatories for investor consent matters
  • Build the processes for secondary trading of shares and distribution events (including carried interest)
  • Standardise all the paperwork we provide for investors; FATCA and PFIC reporting for US investors
  • Work closely with the product team to ensure we build internal tooling that allows us to automate more and more of our processes over time
  • Work with our accountants to run our internal accounting function and monthly management accounts


  • Ensure the flow of all client money into and out of Odin’s bank accounts. You’ll ensure we have the correct processes and technology in place to monitor and reconcile investments
  • Handle our regulatory reporting obligations, ensuring our compliance with FCA regulation
  • Assure the regulatory and financial ops aspects of our rollout in new geographies, and make sure we are complying with local market regulation where applicable

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❌ This role has already been filled, better luck next time! ❌

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