Brand Capital Boosts Adventum Student Living with $3 Million Funding

February 6, 2024

Author: Karan Bodh
Brand Capital Boosts Adventum Student Living with $3 Million Funding

Adventum Student Living Pvt. Ltd. (ASL), the parent company of UniScholars, UniCreds, and UniAcco, has received a significant boost with a $3 million infusion from Brand Capital, the strategic investment arm of The Times of India company. This investment is set to propel ASL's growth trajectory across various verticals, marking a significant milestone in its journey.

Brand Capital's President, Srini Vudayagiri, expressed confidence in ASL's potential, stating, "Our investment in ASL extends our belief in propelling Indian brands that endeavor to provide world-class offerings enabled by technology." This sentiment underscores Brand Capital's commitment to supporting innovative ventures that leverage technology to deliver exceptional services.

Established in 2019 by Amit Singh and Sayantan Biswas, ASL operates three distinct brands aimed at simplifying the study-abroad journey for international students. UniScholars, UniCreds, and UniAcco collectively offer a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of students seeking overseas education opportunities.

Amit Singh, Founder and Director of Adventum Student Living, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Brand Capital, emphasizing the potential for enhancing business offerings. Singh stated, "With access to Brand Capital’s extensive resources and existing portfolio, ASL is excited to elevate its business offerings." This collaboration reflects ASL's commitment to leveraging strategic partnerships to drive innovation and growth.

The infusion of funding comes at a time when ASL has demonstrated remarkable performance, boasting profitability since its inception and achieving an impressive 400% year-on-year growth. This track record underscores ASL's resilience and effectiveness in navigating the competitive landscape of the Indian education sector.

Notably, this is not ASL's first foray into fundraising. In 2020, the company raised $1 million in a seed funding round from Adventum Offshore, further cementing its position in the market. ASL's ability to attract investments from reputable firms underscores investor confidence in its business model and growth prospects.

ASL faces competition from other players in the Indian education sector, such as Leapscholar, Eduvanz, UpGuide, and Financepeer. However, its differentiated offerings and focus on leveraging technology for enhanced student experiences set it apart in the market.

The partnership between Brand Capital and ASL is strategically aligned with the mission of making international study opportunities accessible to aspiring students while reinforcing a commitment to academic excellence. This collaboration signifies a collective effort to empower students with the resources and support they need to pursue their educational goals abroad.

As the Indian edtech sector grapples with funding challenges, ASL's successful fundraising efforts serve as a beacon of hope for the industry. Despite the broader economic slowdown induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, ASL's resilience and ability to thrive highlight the enduring demand for quality education solutions.

In conclusion, the investment from Brand Capital represents a significant milestone for ASL, providing the necessary impetus for expansion and innovation. With a shared vision for empowering students and enhancing educational outcomes, the partnership is poised to drive positive change in the realm of international education.