DefiniGEN Secures £3.25 Million in Funding to Propel Research and Development

November 19, 2020

Author: Karan Bodh
DefiniGEN Secures £3.25 Million in Funding to Propel Research and Development

DefiniGEN, a pioneering spin-out from the esteemed University of Cambridge, has recently secured a substantial £3.25 million in funding, marking a significant milestone in its journey to revolutionize preclinical research and drug development. With an innovative approach centred around creating highly predictive disease cell models, DefiniGEN aims to streamline the drug discovery process, combating its inherent challenges of cost and failure rates.

At the core of DefiniGEN's methodology lies its cutting-edge technology platform, which harnesses induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and proprietary differentiation techniques to generate specific cell types essential for research. By leveraging gene-editing tools, such as CRISPR/Cas9 technology, the company inserts disease mutations, paving the way for more accurate assessments of drug efficacy.

One of DefiniGEN's key strengths lies in its expertise in liver disease research, a critical area considering its prevalence as the fifth leading cause of mortality in the UK. With liver-related ailments garnering increased attention in pharmaceutical R&D, DefiniGEN's capabilities hold immense promise in advancing treatments and interventions for these conditions.

The recently secured funding, spearheaded by BGF and complemented by existing investors like 24Haymarket, is earmarked for several strategic initiatives. Primarily, it will bolster DefiniGEN's footprint in the lucrative US market, where the company has already made significant commercial inroads. Moreover, the investment will fuel the expansion of DefiniGEN's facilities in Cambridge, further enhancing its research and development capabilities, particularly in gene editing.

Dr. Marcus Yeo, co-founder and CEO of DefiniGEN, expressed excitement about the prospects enabled by the infusion of capital, stating, "Our technology platform harnesses iPSC technology to develop models that are transformational for drug discovery. We have gained significant commercial momentum in recent years, and this investment will be a significant driver of continued growth for DefiniGEN."

Lucy Edwardes-Jones, an investor at BGF, echoed Dr. Yeo's sentiments, emphasising DefiniGEN's strong technological foundation, differentiated intellectual property, and substantial commercial validation. She underscored BGF's commitment to supporting the UK's life sciences sector, recognizing DefiniGEN as a prime example of a company poised for substantial growth and impact.

Paul Tselentis, CEO of 24Haymarket, expressed satisfaction with reinvesting in DefiniGEN, highlighting the company's strides in commercialising its iPSC platform both domestically and internationally. He welcomed BGF as a new partner, acknowledging their shared vision for DefiniGEN's future success.

In essence, DefiniGEN's latest funding round signifies more than just financial support; it symbolizes a vote of confidence in the company's mission to redefine drug discovery paradigms. With its innovative technology and strategic investments, DefiniGEN is poised to play a pivotal role in accelerating the development and delivery of much-needed pharmaceutical solutions, ultimately benefiting patients worldwide.