GameStake Technologies Secures Major Funding Boost: Driving Innovation in Gaming and AdTech

July 17, 2023

GameStake Technologies Secures Major Funding Boost: Driving Innovation in Gaming and AdTech

GameStake Technologies, a UK-based company pioneering rewarded play through its gaming app, has recently made headlines by securing significant investment. The company raised £630,000 ($808,000) in seed funding and acquired a growth facility of £2.5 million from Triple Dragon, a prominent game finance company. This boost in capital marks a pivotal moment for GameStake Technologies as it continues to expand its reach and offerings in the competitive gaming and AdTech landscape.

CEO Amit Puri expressed his excitement about the investment, highlighting the company's achievements and its commitment to innovation. He emphasised the strong support from investors, impressive user growth, strategic partnerships with industry giants like Uber and Amazon, and the recent rebranding to GameStake Technologies. These developments underscore GameStake Technologies' position as a key player in the startup ecosystem and fuel its ambition to deliver unparalleled value to users.

Rewarded play, a concept central to GameStake Technologies' business model, has gained traction in the gaming industry as developers seek alternative monetisation strategies. By offering players real-life rewards such as shopping discounts, GameStake Technologies aims to enhance user engagement and loyalty. The company's success in acquiring over 50,000 users for its first app demonstrates the effectiveness of this approach.

Strategic partnerships with industry leaders further solidify GameStake Technologies' position in the market. Collaborations with companies like Uber and Amazon provide additional value to users while opening doors for future growth opportunities. Additionally, the appointment of Premier League footballer Alex Iwobi as a brand ambassador strengthens the company's brand image and extends its reach to a broader audience.

In-house game development and a refreshed brand identity reflect GameStake Technologies' commitment to innovation and evolution. By integrating shopping discounts and expanding its gaming content, the company enhances the overall user experience, making its platform more attractive to consumers and businesses alike.

Looking ahead, GameStake Technologies remains focused on driving innovation and delivering exceptional user experiences. With the infusion of investment capital, the company is well-positioned to redefine the AdTech landscape and continue its mission of aligning consumer and brand interests through technology and AI.

GameStake Technologies' journey exemplifies the potential of startups to disrupt traditional industries and create value through innovation. As the gaming and AdTech sectors continue to evolve, companies like GameStake Technologies are at the forefront of driving change and shaping the future of digital entertainment and marketing.

In conclusion, GameStake Technologies' recent funding success underscores its growing influence in the gaming and AdTech sectors. With a focus on rewarded play, strategic partnerships, and continuous innovation, the company is poised for further growth and success in the dynamic landscape of digital technology.

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