GetHarley Raises $52M To Transform Skincare Platform

June 7, 2023

Author: Karan Bodh
GetHarley Raises $52M To Transform Skincare Platform

GetHarley, a pioneering force in the skincare industry, has recently secured a significant boost in funding, raising a whopping $52 million in its latest investment round. This London-based startup, founded by Charmaine Chow in 2019, has been making waves with its innovative platform that connects consumers with top-tier skincare clinicians and medical-grade products.

The core of GetHarley's business lies in its commitment to providing individuals with direct access to qualified skincare professionals, ranging from dermatologists to plastic surgeons. Through online consultations, users can seek personalised recommendations for a wide array of skin concerns, from acne to hyperpigmentation. These consultations are priced affordably, starting at £40 ($50) for a 30-minute session, with options to consult senior-level dermatologists for a more comprehensive approach.

Moreover, GetHarley doesn't just stop at consultations. The platform also offers a range of personalised skincare products tailored to individual needs. These products, categorised as cosmeceuticals, boast a higher concentration of active ingredients compared to typical store-bought options, ensuring effective results for users. From cleansers to serums, GetHarley provides a comprehensive solution for skincare needs.

Charmaine Chow, the visionary behind GetHarley, recognised the challenges consumers face in navigating the skincare market flooded with false claims and overwhelming choices. She remarked, "The skincare industry is overflowing with false claims, celebrity marketing, and thousands upon thousands of choices about how to care for your skin." GetHarley aims to address this by offering a streamlined platform that cuts through the noise, providing consumers with reliable advice and access to expert clinicians.

One of the key strengths of GetHarley is its focus on fostering a seamless experience for both consumers and clinicians. By leveraging technology, the platform matches users with a network of over a thousand clinicians, ensuring personalized recommendations and skincare routines. This not only enhances the quality of service for clinicians but also makes skincare expertise more accessible to a global audience.

The recent funding round, led by Index Ventures along with other prestigious investors, underscores the confidence in GetHarley's vision and potential. Danny Rimer of Index Ventures expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting GetHarley's role as a quality champion and partner for both clinics and consumers.

With this significant injection of capital, GetHarley is poised to accelerate its growth trajectory. The company aims to expand its network of clinicians, enhance its product offerings, and further cement its position as a leader in the skincare industry. By revolutionizing the way people approach skincare, GetHarley is paving the way for healthier and more radiant skin for individuals worldwide.

In conclusion, GetHarley's recent funding milestone signals a new chapter in its journey to revolutionize the skincare industry. With a focus on accessibility, expertise, and innovation, GetHarley is poised to reshape the way consumers engage with skincare, empowering them to make informed decisions and achieve their skincare goals effectively.