Kromek Secures £1.3 Million Funding for AI-Powered Radiation Detection Project

February 5, 2024

Kromek, a technology firm based in County Durham, has recently secured a substantial £1.3 million grant for its pioneering project in AI-powered radiation detection. The grant, awarded under the UK Research and Innovation Horizon Europe guarantee scheme, is set to propel the development of an innovative radiation sensor.

This project, known as the Intelligent Radiation Sensor Readout System (i-RASE), is a collaborative effort led by DTU Space, involving partners from Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Italy. The aim is to design, build, and test a new class of radiation sensor utilising cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) and other advanced technologies. The incorporation of artificial intelligence into these sensors holds immense promise, enabling more accurate and efficient measurement of radiation levels.

Kromek's expertise lies in creating cutting-edge solutions for radiation and bio-detection. The company's core CZT platform has already demonstrated its effectiveness in various applications, including medical imaging, industrial contamination detection, and aviation security. Now, with the integration of AI technology, Kromek aims to further enhance the capabilities of its products across these market segments.

Arnab Basu, CEO of Kromek, emphasised the significance of this collaboration, stating, "With the increasing prevalence of AI, Kromek has been exploring the application of machine learning across its technologies for several years." He highlighted the opportunity to leverage the expertise of leading partners throughout Europe, which is expected to drive advancements in product capabilities.

The i-RASE project aligns with the objectives of the Horizon Europe programme, aimed at fostering collaboration and innovation to address global challenges. By leveraging the latest developments in AI, the project seeks to revolutionise radiation detection across various sectors, including healthcare, industry, and environmental monitoring.

Kromek's successful grant acquisition comes on the heels of positive financial results, with revenues increasing to £7.1 million and pre-tax losses narrowing. This financial stability provides a strong foundation for the company to pursue ambitious research and development initiatives such as i-RASE.

The i-RASE project is scheduled to commence on March 1st and will span a period of four years. During this time, Kromek and its partners will work tirelessly to develop and refine the next generation of radiation sensors, poised to set new standards in accuracy, speed, and energy efficiency.

As the global demand for advanced radiation detection solutions continues to grow, Kromek's innovative approach holds the potential to make a significant impact across diverse industries. Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to cutting-edge technology, Kromek is poised to lead the way in AI-powered radiation detection, ensuring a safer and more secure future for all.