Machine Discovery Secures £4.5 Million in Funding for AI-Powered Simulation Platform

September 26, 2023

Machine Discovery, a spinout from the University of Oxford, has recently secured a significant £4.5 million in funding for its innovative AI-powered simulation platform. This platform harnesses the power of machine learning to revolutionise complex project management tasks, particularly in the realm of simulation and optimisation.

Led by CEO Bijan Kiani and non-executive chair Janet Collyer, Machine Discovery stands at the forefront of utilising cutting-edge technology to accelerate product development cycles across various sectors. The company's platform offers a unique solution for managing collaborative projects involving extensive simulation runs, enabling teams to explore vast design spaces with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

At the heart of Machine Discovery's technology is its novel emulation technology, which generates neural-network-based models for real-time prediction from conventional simulation outputs. This capability allows users to navigate complex scenarios and optimise designs swiftly, paving the way for significant advancements in industries such as semiconductor design.

Co-founder and CSO Muhammad Kasim pioneered the machine learning technology driving Machine Discovery's innovations, while co-founder and CTO Brett Larder developed the initial prototype of the Discovery Platform. With their expertise and vision, alongside contributions from other co-founders and advisors like Professors Gianluca Gregori and Sam Vinko, the company continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of AI-driven simulation.

The recent funding round, led by prominent investors including BGF and East Innovate, underscores the market's confidence in Machine Discovery's potential for rapid growth and widespread adoption. Luke Rajah from BGF expressed optimism about the technology's impact on semiconductor design, citing early customer results that demonstrate its ability to accelerate product development timelines significantly.

With this infusion of capital, Machine Discovery plans to expand its engineering and business development teams both in the UK and the USA, further driving the commercialisation of its technology. The company's ambitious goal to halve the analog semiconductor product development cycle by 2026 underscores its commitment to delivering tangible benefits to its clients and partners.

Beyond semiconductor design, Machine Discovery's technology holds promise in various other sectors, as evidenced by its application in supporting research for nuclear fusion power plants. This versatility positions the company as a key player in driving innovation across diverse industries, fuelled by its unwavering dedication to leveraging machine learning for real-world impact.

Machine Discovery's journey from an Oxford spinout to a trailblazer in AI-powered simulation exemplifies the potential of academic research to catalyse transformative advancements in technology. As the company continues to expand its footprint and refine its solutions, the future holds exciting possibilities for unlocking new frontiers in simulation, optimisation, and beyond.

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