MetaGravity Secures $9.5M Funding to Revolutionise Metaverse Infrastructure

April 20, 2023

MetaGravity Secures $9.5M Funding to Revolutionise Metaverse Infrastructure

London-based MetaGravity has secured a hefty $9.5 million in Seed funding to bolster its efforts in revolutionising the infrastructure of the metaverse. Spearheaded by Rashid Mansoor and Tobin Ireland, the company aims to tackle the challenges posed by the distributed compute infrastructure necessary for large-scale metaverse experiences.

The metaverse, a virtual universe where individuals can interact with each other and digital environments, presents unique demands in terms of computational resources. MetaGravity recognises this and is on a mission to create a scalable and decentralised metaverse foundation, addressing the limitations currently hindering expansive virtual worlds.

Mansoor articulates MetaGravity's ambition succinctly, stating, "MetaGravity’s mission is to create the base cosmology to birth the Metaverse – i.e. to re-invent the laws of virtual physics." Drawing from their expertise in massively parallel compute and engine technologies, the team at MetaGravity is striving to push the boundaries of what was previously deemed feasible in terms of scale and concurrency.

The significance of MetaGravity's endeavor is not lost on investors. Ian Wittkopp, Chief Operating Officer at Sino Global Capital, recognises the potential of MetaGravity's technology to transcend the mathematical constraints of existing infrastructure. He envisions MetaGravity's platform as the cornerstone upon which the most innovative metaverse simulations will be built.

Furthermore, Kelvin Koh, Managing Partner at Spartan Group LLC, emphasises the strategic importance of investing in MetaGravity. He highlights the crucial role that MetaGravity's decentralised compute engine will play in realising the full potential of the metaverse, enabling seamless virtual experiences for billions worldwide.

MetaGravity's approach encompasses three key objectives fuelled by their recent funding infusion. Firstly, they aim to provide unlimited scale, with the capability to support over one million concurrent users along with AI and interactive elements. Secondly, they target delivering sustainable unit costs, boasting breakthrough efficiencies in cloud compute costs that could be as low as 1% of current technologies. Lastly, they strive for seamless integration into any game engine and cloud platform, ensuring accessibility and ease of use for developers.

The significance of MetaGravity's funding extends beyond mere financial support. It signifies a collective acknowledgment of the pivotal role infrastructure plays in shaping the future of the metaverse. As Tobin Ireland aptly puts it, "Mass consumer adoption of the metaverse is inevitable... but it will require the development of the highest quality customer experiences and sustainable cloud operating costs." MetaGravity stands poised to address these imperatives head-on, paving the way for a metaverse that is not only expansive but also economically viable and user-friendly.

In summary, MetaGravity's recent funding round marks a significant milestone in the journey towards realising the full potential of the metaverse. With their innovative approach to infrastructure development and the backing of prominent investors, MetaGravity is poised to redefine the virtual landscape, offering limitless possibilities for immersive digital experiences.

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