Revolutionising Corporate Learning: GoodCourse Secures $770k in Funding

November 11, 2021

Revolutionising Corporate Learning: GoodCourse Secures $770k in Funding

GoodCourse, a London-based micro-learning platform, has recently secured $770k in pre-seed funding to revolutionise corporate learning for remote workers. Founded by Chris Mansfield and Omar Mughal, the platform aims to address the needs of the 80% of workers who don't have access to traditional e-learning solutions due to their non-desk-based roles.

The funding round was led by RLC Ventures and RTP Capital, with notable participants including industry veterans like Tom Blomfield, Victoria Van Lennep, Matt Robinson, and Henry de Zoete. This significant investment reflects the growing recognition of the importance of accessible and engaging learning solutions in today's workforce landscape.

GoodCourse distinguishes itself by delivering short-form learning and development (L&D) content directly to learners' phones, accompanied by TikTok-style explainer videos. Learners can enroll via text message, eliminating the need for additional app downloads or log-ins. This user-friendly approach enhances accessibility, particularly for remote audiences who may not have consistent access to computers.

With social media reshaping how people consume information, GoodCourse is taking cues from platforms like Instagram to create courses that are visually engaging and easily digestible. This strategy has proven successful, with course completion rates exceeding 80%, far surpassing those of traditional e-learning models.

Courses on GoodCourse are designed to be completed over five days, with daily lessons requiring just three minutes of engagement. This stands in stark contrast to the lengthy sessions typical of traditional e-learning, making learning more manageable and less daunting for busy workers.

Reece Chowdhury, Founding Partner at RLC Ventures, expressed enthusiasm for the platform's mission to empower non-desk-based workers through innovative e-learning solutions. The backing of prominent investors underscores the potential of GoodCourse to disrupt the corporate learning landscape and meet the evolving needs of modern learners.

Looking ahead, GoodCourse plans to utilise the funding to enhance its learning platform further and expand its reach through strategic sales and marketing initiatives. CEO Chris Mansfield reiterated the company's commitment to bridging the gap in the learning ecosystem and adapting to the changing dynamics of information consumption.

In summary, GoodCourse's successful fundraising represents a significant milestone in the evolution of corporate learning. By prioritizing accessibility, engagement, and convenience, the platform is poised to make a meaningful impact on the professional development of remote workers worldwide. As the demand for flexible and innovative learning solutions continues to grow, GoodCourse stands ready to lead the way in reimagining the future of e-learning.

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