RoboK Secures $2.1 Million Funding Boost to Advance Industrial Safety Solutions

June 29, 2023

RoboK, a leading computer vision startup, has recently secured $2.1 million in funding to advance its mission of enhancing industrial safety and efficiency. The company, headquartered in Cambridge, UK, specializes in transforming passive video footage into actionable intelligence, thereby revolutionising workplace safety protocols across large-scale infrastructure sites.

The essence of RoboK's technology lies in its AI-powered computer vision platform, which analyses visual data from existing industrial CCTV cameras. By leveraging proprietary algorithms, RoboK extracts valuable insights while ensuring privacy and cost-effectiveness. This approach enables the provision of secure, always-on, and proactive safety measures tailored to specific industrial environments.

The significance of RoboK's impact is exemplified by its collaboration with major critical infrastructure operators. For instance, the Bristol Port Company experienced a remarkable reduction of over 90% in potential safety incidents within just three months of implementing RoboK's solution. Such tangible results have garnered support from a diverse range of investors, including Cambridge Enterprise, U-blox AG, and Amadeus Capital Partners.

David Brown, CEO of the Bristol Port Company, lauds RoboK's technology for its transformative effect on workplace safety. He emphasises the invaluable insights and proactive solutions provided by the platform, attributing the success to the responsiveness and innovation demonstrated by the RoboK team.

The recent funding infusion will enable RoboK to expand its reach to more industrial sites, including ports and other critical infrastructure facilities. By integrating its solution into the daily operations of customers, RoboK aims to further enhance safety protocols while optimizing productivity and throughput. Additionally, the company plans to bolster its team with new hires in commercial and product roles, fostering continued innovation and adaptation to evolving customer needs.

Hao Zheng, co-founder & CEO of RoboK, underscores the transformative potential of their technology within the infrastructure industry. Zheng emphasises the commitment to accessibility, aiming to empower workplaces with existing CCTV systems to leverage the benefits of RoboK's solutions effectively. With a focus on scalability, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness, RoboK remains poised to drive widespread adoption and impact across various industrial sectors.

Desmond Cheung, Senior Investment Analyst at Cambridge Enterprise, highlights the firm's longstanding support for RoboK's vision and commends the company's dedication to delivering exceptional products. The endorsement from investors underscores the confidence in RoboK's ability to revolutionise safety monitoring within logistics and supply chain operations.

Amelia Armour, Partner at Amadeus Capital Partners, expresses pride in the commercial traction achieved by RoboK, noting the significance of partnerships with key industry players like ports. This success signifies the effective productisation of RoboK's technology, with the involvement of ports serving as a compelling validation that fosters further customer engagement.

Miles Kirby, CEO of Deeptech Labs, acknowledges RoboK's remarkable progress since its inception, marking the recent funding round as a pivotal milestone in its journey. The endorsement from investors and industry partners reflects the growing recognition of RoboK's innovative approach to enhancing safety and efficiency across large-scale infrastructure sites.

In conclusion, RoboK's recent funding milestone reaffirms its position as a trailblazer in industrial safety technology. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and customer value, RoboK continues to redefine workplace safety standards, driving tangible improvements in efficiency and risk mitigation across diverse industrial landscapes.