SmallSpark Space Systems Secures Significant Funding Boost for Propulsion Innovation

November 1, 2021

SmallSpark Space Systems, a pioneering company in rocket propulsion innovation, has recently announced a significant milestone in its funding journey. Following the closure of its recent seed round, the company has secured an impressive overfunding of £1.1 million, adding to the £500,000 scale-up investment obtained last year. This remarkable achievement brings the total capital raised for SmallSpark's technologies to £2.2 million, with leading contributions from Deepbridge Capital and government co-funding.

This infusion of capital comes amidst the company's plans to establish a Propulsion Test Facility in South Wales, a move aimed at facilitating the testing of its cutting-edge technologies, including the prototype orbital scale S4-Hive engine. Fuelled by Liquid Oxygen and SmallSpark's proprietary fuel, this engine promises groundbreaking advancements in rocket propulsion technology.

Joseph Ward, CEO and Founder of SmallSpark Space Systems, expressed his enthusiasm for the latest funding round, emphasising its significance not only as validation for the company's efforts but also as a testament to the burgeoning space industry in Wales. Ward welcomed the addition of new talent to the SmallSpark team, anticipating the pivotal role they will play in the company's continued growth and development.

The sentiment was echoed by Adrian Neilan, Investment Director at Deepbridge Capital, who praised SmallSpark as a prime example of the innovative and growth-focused enterprises supported by the UK's Enterprise Investment Scheme. Neilan highlighted the impressive vision and capabilities of SmallSpark's leadership team, reaffirming Deepbridge's commitment to supporting the company's journey through the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS fund.

The significance of SmallSpark's funding success extends beyond the company itself, signaling the continued momentum of the UK space sector on the global stage. As one of the leading early-stage companies driving pioneering advancements in space technology, SmallSpark exemplifies the spirit of innovation and ambition that defines the industry's landscape.

Looking ahead, SmallSpark is poised to leverage its increased capital to further propel its technology development initiatives, bolstered by the imminent appointments of key leadership positions. The establishment of the Propulsion Test Facility in Wales represents a significant milestone not only for SmallSpark but also for the broader space industry in the region, positioning Wales as a hub for innovation and advancement in space technology.

In conclusion, SmallSpark Space Systems' successful funding round underscores the company's position at the forefront of rocket propulsion innovation. With ambitious plans for technology development and expansion, supported by strategic investments and government funding, SmallSpark is poised to make significant strides in shaping the future of space exploration and propulsion.