Unlocking Innovation: Quaisr Secures $3.1 Million in Funding to Revolutionise Digital Twins

May 2, 2023

Author: Karan Bodh
Unlocking Innovation: Quaisr Secures $3.1 Million in Funding to Revolutionise Digital Twins

London-based startup Quaisr, born from the collaboration between Imperial College London and the Alan Turing Institute, is making waves in the tech world with its recent $3.1 million funding round. Spearheaded by Crane Venture Partners and boasting the backing of Acequia Capital, alongside notable angel investors like Carsten Thoma and Eric Landau, Quaisr is poised for significant growth.

Digital twins, the focal point of Quaisr's work, are virtual representations of real-world objects or systems, constantly updated with real-time data. They offer invaluable insights for monitoring and predicting performance across various industries, from optimising manufacturing processes to revolutionising material discovery. Despite their potential, the creation and deployment of digital twins have been hindered by complexities and resource demands.

Quaisr's founders, including professors Richard Craster and Omar Matar, recognised these obstacles and set out to streamline the process. Their platform aims to democratise the creation of digital twins, empowering industries to harness their benefits without the usual technical hurdles. With a blend of cloud technology and on-premises infrastructure, Quaisr simplifies the task, allowing domain experts to focus on refining models and simulations rather than navigating IT complexities.

Dr. Assen Batchvarov, Quaisr's product manager, emphasises the platform's goal of enabling heavy industries to build reliable digital twins, enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability. This mission aligns with the company's participation in programs like Aerospace Xelerated and partnerships with industry giants like QinetiQ, highlighting its commitment to driving innovation across sectors.

Quaisr's CEO, Lachlan Mason, envisions a future where techniques like DevOps and MLOps seamlessly integrate into heavy industries, catalysing a new era of SimOps. By automating processes and providing self-service tools, Quaisr paves the way for engineers and researchers to unlock the full potential of digital twins, revolutionising how industries operate.

The significance of Quaisr's funding extends beyond financial support; it symbolises a vote of confidence in the company's vision and capabilities. As they expand their team, focusing on software engineering and business development, Quaisr is poised to cement its position as a leader in the digital twin space.

In conclusion, Quaisr's recent funding round marks a significant milestone in their journey towards democratizing digital twin technology. With a clear focus on simplifying complexities and empowering industries, Quaisr is poised to revolutionise how businesses approach operations and innovation. As they continue to grow and evolve, their impact on the tech landscape is bound to be profound.