VivaCity Secures £7M in Funding to Advance Urban Transport Solutions

February 16, 2023

VivaCity Secures £7M in Funding to Advance Urban Transport Solutions

VivaCity, a London-based transport technology startup, recently secured a significant £7 million in funding to further its mission of revolutionising urban transport systems. This round of funding, led by ENV, Foresight Group, and Gresham House Ventures, marks another milestone in VivaCity's journey towards enhancing transportation networks worldwide.

Since its inception in 2015, VivaCity has been at the forefront of leveraging AI technology to gather crucial data on various transport modes, traffic flow, and travel patterns. This data serves as a foundation for insightful analysis and informed decision-making, empowering local authorities to optimise transport networks and enhance urban infrastructure.

One of the key aspects of VivaCity's approach is its collaboration with local council authorities. By partnering with entities like Nottingham City Council and Barnet Council, VivaCity aims to provide tailored solutions that address the unique challenges faced by each region. These partnerships underscore the company's commitment to driving positive change at the community level.

The recent funding infusion comes on the heels of VivaCity's impressive growth trajectory. Over the past two years, the startup has significantly expanded its global sensor network, reaching a staggering 20 billion road user counts. Such expansion underscores the increasing demand for VivaCity's solutions and its growing impact on transportation planning and management.

With the backing of ENV, Foresight Group, and Gresham House Ventures, VivaCity is poised to accelerate its expansion efforts, particularly in North America. A notable initiative in this regard is the ongoing pilot project with the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT), where VivaCity's sensors are being deployed to gather data aimed at improving road safety and efficiency.

Looking ahead, VivaCity is gearing up for a transformative year in 2023 with the launch of its new product portfolio. This portfolio, designed to address critical industry challenges such as sustainable transport, road safety, and network optimisation, reflects the company's commitment to innovation and its dedication to meeting evolving customer needs.

Mark Nicholson, CEO, and Co-Founder of VivaCity, expressed enthusiasm about the company's future prospects, stating, "The investment from ENV, Foresight Group, and Gresham House Ventures will support us in our mission to optimise transport networks and improve urban infrastructure, increasing both the safety and sustainability of our roads."

Theodor Schulte, Investment Manager at ENV, echoed Nicholson's sentiments, emphasizing the importance of VivaCity's technology in advancing the goals of zero emissions and zero casualties in cities worldwide.

Ed Wass, Portfolio Partner at Gresham House Ventures, underscored the firm's confidence in VivaCity's potential to drive positive change in transport systems globally, highlighting the significant impact of the company's offerings.

In conclusion, VivaCity's latest funding round represents a significant milestone in its journey towards reshaping urban transport landscapes. With a clear focus on innovation, collaboration, and impact, VivaCity is well-positioned to continue its mission of making cities smarter, safer, and more sustainable for generations to come.

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