WeArisma Secures £2.5M Funding to Revolutionise Influencer Marketing Analytics

June 6, 2023

Author: Karan Bodh
WeArisma Secures £2.5M Funding to Revolutionise Influencer Marketing Analytics

WeArisma, a UK-based influence analytics platform, has secured £2.5 million in funding to bolster its efforts in helping brands optimise their earned media presence. Spearheaded by CEO Jenny Tsai, the company aims to shed light on the often murky landscape of influencer marketing, providing brands with valuable insights into their Earned Brand Influence Value (EBIV).

Mark Foster-Brown, co-founder and CEO of Adjuvo, the investment syndicate who led the raise, highlights the importance of understanding the value and effectiveness of influencer marketing in today's retail landscape. He expresses excitement about supporting WeArisma's innovative approach to this growing sector.

WeArisma aggregates billions of different feeds to help brands understand how they rank amongst their target audience across all social channels and, importantly, how easily their audience will find content that drives real brand affinity and health. Tsai emphasises the significance of earned media in today's consumer journey, noting its role as a key driver of brand affinity and market share.

The company's previous investment from Morgan Stanley Inclusive Ventures Lab underscores its credibility in the industry. Sanghamitra Karra is Managing Director and EMEA Head of the Multicultural Client Strategy Group at Morgan Stanley, praises WeArisma's data-driven approach and its ability to assist clients in optimising marketing spend.

WeArisma's latest funding round will fuel its expansion efforts, with a focus on enhancing platform features and scaling its global presence. This includes broadening coverage of social channels, particularly in the APAC region, where influential sources heavily influence consumer purchasing decisions.

The company's clientele spans various sectors, including fashion, luxury, beauty, travel, and FMCG, counting prestigious brands like Hermès, Unilever, and Coty among its satisfied customers. Through its unique blend of data and software, WeArisma empowers brands to make informed decisions and achieve higher returns on their influencer marketing investments.

Tsai reiterates the importance of understanding the evolving consumer landscape, where social media plays a pivotal role in shaping purchasing decisions. By bridging the gap between brands and influential sources, WeArisma aims to unlock new revenue opportunities and drive long-term brand value.

With Adjuvo's support and a track record of success, WeArisma is well-positioned to lead the charge in revolutionising influencer marketing analytics. As brands increasingly recognise the value of earned media, WeArisma stands ready to provide the insights needed to thrive in this dynamic landscape.