WeLinq Secures €5 Million Funding to Propel Quantum Computing Innovations

January 23, 2023

WeLinq Secures €5 Million Funding to Propel Quantum Computing Innovations

French startup Welinq has recently secured €5 million in funding to propel the advancement of quantum computing. Led by Quantonation and supported by Runa Capital, this investment marks a significant step towards realizing the potential of quantum technologies.

Founded by Tom Darras, Julien Laurat, Eleni Diamanti, and Jean Lautier-Gaud, Welinq is dedicated to addressing the scalability challenges of quantum computing. Recognizing the pivotal role of interconnects in extending the capabilities of quantum processors, the team aims to revolutionize the field by developing industry-grade neutral-atom quantum memories.

Quantum computing stands at the forefront of technological innovation, promising to tackle complex problems that traditional computers struggle with. Welinq's approach, centered around neutral-atom technology, offers a promising avenue for achieving unprecedented computational power and facilitating long-distance quantum communication networks.

Tom Darras, CEO of Welinq, emphasises the critical importance of quantum memories in realising the full potential of quantum technologies. He underscores the need for high-performance and robust hardware to drive meaningful impacts across industries and society at large.

Welinq's quantum memories leverage laser-cooled neutral-atom technology, boasting an impressive storage-and-retrieval efficiency of 90% and a qubit fidelity exceeding 99%. This groundbreaking technology positions Welinq as a leader in the quest to scale up quantum computing and enable the deployment of quantum internet infrastructure.

The funding secured by Welinq underscores the growing interest and investment in quantum technologies. With the backing of key stakeholders including Quantonation, Runa Capital, and various public institutions, Welinq is well-positioned to accelerate the development and commercialisation of its quantum memory solutions.

The Paris-based startup's collaboration with renowned French laboratories, such as Laboratoire Kastler Brossel and Laboratoire d’Informatique de Sorbonne Université, further enhances its scientific expertise and research capabilities. By fostering partnerships with academic and industry leaders, Welinq aims to drive innovation and push the boundaries of quantum computing.

Welinq's success story reflects the vibrant ecosystem of deeptech startups emerging in Paris and beyond. With support from initiatives like CNRS Innovation RISE program and Creative Destruction Lab, Welinq has navigated the transition from academic research to a thriving startup poised for industry impact.

As Welinq embarks on the next phase of its journey, the company remains committed to advancing quantum technologies and shaping the future of computing. With its neutral-atom approach and ambitious vision, Welinq is poised to play a pivotal role in ushering in a new era of quantum computing and communication.

In conclusion, Welinq's recent funding milestone marks a significant step forward in the quest to unlock the full potential of quantum technologies. With its innovative solutions and collaborative spirit, Welinq is poised to make lasting contributions to the evolution of computing and redefine the possibilities of the digital age.

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