Our Story

The BAE HQ was born like all the best organisations...

Lots of rants about a common problem followed by a decision to do something about it.

Amardeep Parmar & Gurvir Riyat met only because Amar danced with Gurvir's now-wife a decade before and she thought we would have a lot in common.

She was right.

We both wished the British Asian entrepreneur community supported each other better. We were frustrated we didn't know anyone and we didn't even know how we could meet other likeminded people. We wanted to pay it forward and help those earlier than us.

That's what The BAE HQ is for.

P.S. BAE = British Asian Entrepreneur

Amardeep Parmar

  • Born and raised near Ilford in East London.
  • Studied Economics at University of Bath with a year at The Bank of England.
  • Spent 7 years in technology consulting with Boxfusion.
  • Began blogging on Medium.com in January 2020 and became a full-time creator by June 2021.
  • Released 58 episodes of first podcast "Mindful & Driven".
  • Released 100 episodes of second podcast "Entrepreneur's Handbook" - guests included founders of Netflix and Twitter.
  • Ghost-wrote for over 150 startups and scaleups.

Gurvir Riyat

  • Born and raised in Southall in West London
  • Studied Economics at City University.
  • Spent 3 years at Pantheon Ventures (fund of funds).
  • Spent 1 years at Kindred Capital (VC fund).
  • Spent 1 year at Hermes GPE (private equity fund).