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How To Build A Global Brand From A Reset

Arpit Gupta

HSBC Innovation Banking

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How To Build A Global Brand From A Reset

Arpit Gupta


HSBC Innovation Banking

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Arpit Gupta


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Episode 109: Amardeep Parmar (https://www.linkedin.com/in/amardeepsparmar) from The BAE HQ https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-bae-hq) welcomes Arpit Gupta, Managing Director of HSBC Innovation Banking.

Arpit discusses the rebranding of HSBC Innovation Banking, its expansion into global markets, and shares insights on angel investing and the importance of fostering strong relationships within the startup ecosystem.

Message from our headline partners:

From the first time founders to the funds that back them, innovation needs different. HSBC Innovation Banking is proud to accelerate growth for tech and life science businesses, creating meaningful connections and opening up a world of opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Discover more at hsbcinnovationbanking.com


Show Notes:

00:00 - 00:00 Introduction and role of HSBC Innovation Banking in supporting founders.

1:27 - 2:28  HSBC's alignment with startup missions and the rationale behind sponsoring the


2:29 - 3:45 The mission of HSBC Innovation Banking and its support across startup stages.

3:47 - 5:52 Challenges and process of HSBC's rebranding.

5:53 - 7:50 The concept and significance of HSBC's new visual identity.

7:52 - 8:50 The exciting and challenging aspects of rebranding.

8:51 - 10:10 Focus on scaling HSBC Innovation Banking and enhancing brand identity.

10:12 - 11:45 Expanding into global markets and adapting to different market dynamics.

11:48 - 13:20 Importance of client-centric branding and support in the ecosystem.

13:22 - 15:05 Arpit's personal journey into angel investing.

15:06 - 16:13 Diverse ways of supporting founders as an angel investor.

16:14 - 20:05 Anticipated trends and shifts in 2024.

20:07 - 21:28 The evolving expectations of companies from the public perspective.

21:29 - 23:09 HSBC's relationship-based approach and human-led banking.

23:11 - 25:18 The importance of referrals and relationships in banking.

25:21 - 27:28 HSBC's standout approach in the innovation economy.

27:29 - 28:54 Role of HSBC in reducing early-stage friction for founders.

28:56 - 32:09: Quick Fire Questions & Answers

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