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Adapting When Your MVP Doesn’t Go To Plan

Cien Solon

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Adapting When Your MVP Doesn’t Go To Plan

Cien Solon


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Cien Solon


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Episode 111: In LAB #17, Amardeep Parmar (https://www.linkedin.com/in/amardeepsparmar) from The BAE HQ https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-bae-hq), welcomes Cien Solon, an expert in scaling startups.

In this episode, The conversation focuses on the challenges and strategies associated with Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) in startups, particularly regarding the importance of customer feedback and correct market targeting.

It delves into common post-MVP scenarios like hesitation to release and struggling for traction, emphasising the need for understanding customer pain points and using data for product improvement.

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Show Notes:

00:00 - Introduction to MVPs and their Purpose

00:16 - Discussing MVP Challenges and AI's Role in Iteration

01:38 - Common Themes Post-MVP Release

03:38 - Challenges After MVP Release and Overcoming Mindset Hurdles

04:05 - Importance of Data and Customer Feedback in MVP Process

05:07 - Missteps Founders Make with MVPs

05:35 - Adjusting Customer Base Post-MVP Failure

05:48 - Identifying and Communicating with the Right Persona

07:01 - Collecting and Utilising Customer Feedback

07:21 - Significance of Communication in MVP Development

09:01 - Managing Investor Expectations and Communication

09:29 - Balancing Investor Input and Data-Driven Decisions

11:45 - HSBC Innovation Banking Advertisement

13:05 - Navigating Investor Influence in Product Development

13:46 - Deciding to Pivot or Abandon an MVP

14:19 - Understanding the True Purpose of an MVP

15:49 - Experimenting with Different MVPs

16:10 - Resource Allocation in MVP Testing

17:57 - Role of AI in MVP Recovery and Adaptation

18:08 - Utilising AI in Product Development

20:35 - Personal Use of AI in Startup Development

20:46 - Scaling Productivity with AI Tools

21:57 - Evaluating and Adjusting Initial Product Ideas

22:14 - Refining MVP Strategy for Market Entry

23:46 - Conducting Differentiator Analysis

24:26 - Importance of Knowing Your Competition

25:03 - Market Research and Differentiator Analysis in MVPs

26:07 - Quick Fire Questions Segment

26:32 - Shout Outs to British Asians in the UK

27:10 - Finding More Information About the Guest

27:25 - Guest's Website and Mission

28:40 - Call for Community Collaboration

28:45 - Final Words of Advice for Founders

29:42 - Closing Remarks and Subscriber Appeal

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Watch this episode on SpotifyWatch onListen on YouTube