Aman Khan

Aman Khan, CEO & Founder of Novai, developed DARC technology for early detection and treatment of eye diseases like glaucoma and AMD.
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Aman Khan is a distinguished professional in the biotechnology and finance sectors with a solid track record that spans over two decades. Beginning his career at Deloitte as an auditor, he quickly climbed the ranks in several prominent companies. His roles have included positions at IBM as a Complex Contract Accountant and at Virgin Media, where he was involved in Accounting Policy Management and SOX compliance. Khan’s extensive experience in financial oversight and strategic growth was further highlighted during his tenure as a Financial Controller at Shire Pharmaceuticals, handling responsibilities for the UK and Ireland.

In 2020, Khan took a significant step in his career by founding Novai in London, serving as CEO until 2022. At Novai, he spearheaded the development of DARC technology, an innovative diagnostic tool aimed at preserving vision for patients suffering from glaucoma and AMD through exploratory biomarkers and targeted drug delivery. His leadership at Novai underscored his commitment to advancing medical technology. Prior to founding Novai, he was the Chief Financial Officer at Illustratum and Finance Director at Accouter Group, where he played a pivotal role in driving financial strategies for these companies. Khan’s career is characterized by his leadership in integrating finance with technology and healthcare innovations, establishing him as a key figure in each industry he has been part of.

• Novai, CEO & Founder: Feb 2020 to Feb 2022
• Illustratum, Chief Financial Officer: 2019 to Jan 2020
• Accouter Group, Finance Director: May 2015 to Feb 2019
• Displaydata, Group Financial Controller: Oct 2012 to May 2015
• Shire Pharmaceuticals, Financial Controller, UK and Ireland: Jul 2010 to Aug 2011
• Shire Pharmaceuticals, Associate Director, Group Reporting: Aug 2008 to Jun 2010
• Virgin Media, Accounting Policy Manager/Sox Workstream Lead/Sox Analyst: Jun 2005 to Aug 2008
• IBM, Complex Contract Accountant: Oct 2003 to Jun 2005
• Deloitte, Auditor: Aug 2000 to Sep 2003

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