Dapeng Yu

Dapeng Yu, Professor in River Dynamics at Loughborough University, also serves as Chief Technology Officer at Previsico, specializing in flood forecasting technology.
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Dapeng Yu is a distinguished academic and technology leader currently serving as Professor in River Dynamics at Loughborough University since August 2019. With a career spanning over 17 years at Loughborough, he has made significant contributions as a Senior Lecturer and previously as a Lecturer, focusing on teaching and research in river dynamics.

Alongside his academic role, Yu also holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at Previsico, a university spin-out specializing in flood forecasting. Since January 2019, he has been instrumental in driving technological advancements to mitigate flood risks, leveraging his expertise in river dynamics and research.

Prior to his tenure at Loughborough, Yu gained valuable experience as a Research Assistant and Research Associate at Durham University, where he contributed to research initiatives in his field. His extensive academic background and leadership in both educational institutions and innovative enterprises underscore his commitment to advancing river dynamics and flood

• Loughborough University, Professor in River Dynamics: Aug 2019 - Present
• Previsico, Chief Technology Officer: Jan 2019 - Present
• Durham University, Research Assistant: Sep 2004 - Jul 2007

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