Priya Oberoi

Priya Oberoi
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Priya is the  General Partner at Goddess Gaia Ventures. This London-based venture is focused on constructing Europe's inaugural women-centric healthcare fund. The fund, totaling $100 million, targets investments in enterprises dedicated to advancing women's health, wellness, and femtech.

Priya Oberoi obtained a BA Honours and Masters in Jurisprudence from Somerville College, Oxford University.

From September 1997 to April 2010, Priya served as a Director of Islamic Derivatives and Structured Finance-Lawyer at Clifford Chance. This role spanned 12 years and 8 months.

Starting in August 2010, Priya established Oberoi Capital Partners Limited, where she currently holds the position of Founder, Owner, and Managing Partner. This firm specializes in facilitating connections to institutional capital, industry leaders, and lobbying support.

In September 2020, Priya assumed the role of Founding General Partner at Goddess Gaia Ventures.

From May 2022 to December 2022, Priya participated as an Entrepreneur in Residence in the P4 and P4SY Programme at Capital Enterprise, dedicating 8 months to this part-time engagement.

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