Rani Ahmed

Rani Ahmed
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Rani Ahmed is the Head of HR at Joelson, London based B Corp Certified law firm that works with companies at all stages of their development.

She began her professional journey in July 2002 as a Graduate Recruitment at Herbert Smit until June 2004.

She transitioned into the role of Human Resources Manager at Reed Smith LLP until September 2007.

Rani moved on to become an Account Manager for cvmail at Thomson Reuters until October 2010.

She re-entered the workforce in June 2016 as an HR Projects Manager at Stone King LLP, staying with the firm until April 2021.

In April 2021, Rani Ahmed assumed the role of Head of HR at Morrison Wealth, where she contributed until March 2022.

She took on the position of Head of HR at Joelson, where she continues to serve presently.

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