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How I Went From Underachiever To Fitness Influencer With 12k+ Followers

How I Went From Underachiever To Fitness Influencer With 12k+ Followers

Welcome! Tell us who you are and a quick overview of your business/brand.

My name is Pooja Jajoria and I’m an online fitness coach running my business via Instagram, I initially started in 2021 and slowly built my platform and followers. My objective is to help people get their dream body by modifying their fitness blueprint.

I created and published an EBook to assist my clients with their modification, the EBook elaborates on the importance of modifying our mindset towards our fitness goals. As we always blame failed diets or our GENES for not reaching our potential, but have you ever thought about how we are wired and how this could be a barrier?

In October 2022 I started my own podcast “The Pooj Show ‘’. I focus on four main topics: mental health, health, mindset and nutrition. I’ve collaborated with many individuals with influence to voice my opinion and experiences to the world.

I’ve also collaborated with Forme Shaker which is a Fitness Company that produces unique shaker bottles that also work as a thermostat. Last but not least I’ve signed up with an individual who is aspiring to be the first Sikh F1 driver.

How did you come up with your concept?

I’ve always been into fitness so I thought to turn my passion into a reality I started to obtain my qualifications as a fitness trainer in 2020 and then started to push myself to create a platform via Instagram. At the beginning of my journey, I was confused about how to approach certain things so I paid for a mentor/coach in 2022 as he pushed me to build my business model and programme and the techniques of Instagram i.e. how/when/what to post ensuring it was relevant to my business.

I took a break several times due to obstacles I encountered which eventually made me go into depression. In this stage, I reflected on several things and realized I needed to rebrand my business as a whole. I created a new business model & strategy and implemented this within the business I focused on being engaging on my Instagram i.e. posting on my story every day and posting reels or pictures once a week on my feed.  

Now I’ve been very consistent and learnt the right ways of landing clients and engaging with my followers. I've put myself out there in terms of requesting speakers for my podcast and obtained great results.  

How did you actually launch? How were those early days?

I launched by posting a lot of content so really putting myself out and in all honestly, it was really hard, I did struggle a lot until I found a coach who pushed me and directed me in the right direction in terms of knowing my target market, how to approach clients, which content is best to publish and developing copywriting skills.

I’ve had many breaks and even went into depression, however, I’ve learnt so much as in this period I worked on developing my knowledge and worked on myself, so I could bring more to the table in relation to my business and expanding my brand.

What strategies have you used to attract customers or followers?

In the beginning, I was no wiser and had no clue how to attract customers or followers so I started to run ads but the feedback I attained was terrible, individuals thought my services were for free. To attract more followers I posted content and paid for shoutouts, but these followers did not fit into my niche.

I discovered a better coach (who I am currently with). I leant many skills such as cold/warm/hot outreach. The process is very long but develops a great foundation with the client. However, it’s imperative to improve your copywriting skills as many people are rude, easily offended or do not respond. It’s like being a door-to-door sales person.

For the last six weeks, I’ve invested in a DM setter, who reaches out and handles all my queries with clients via my Instagram. This has taken the burden from me allowing me to focus on other areas for my clients and my podcasting.

What has been your biggest hurdle? How have you dealt with it?

My biggest hurdle has been finding what works best for me and actually finding myself, this has taken me a long time as I focused on the wrong things i.e. Chasing people. Whereas I should have been developing myself and putting myself first.

I’ve learnt to take breaks regularly as these allow me to grow and reflect on what is important so I can reposition myself in the right direction. I feel if I didn’t keep pursuing my dream then all the energy, learning, downfalls and hurdles would be a waste of time.

Do you have a day job, what is it?

I currently work as a full-time Project manager at the Home Office. I’ve been in this role for 2 years and six months. I’m looking for another promotion as I need to challenge myself more and the extra money will help me fund more of my side hustle so it can become my full-time dream.

I’ve acquired many skills from people a project manager which I’ve used for planning my podcast and building fitness programs for clients and my podcast.

The foundation of planning is the same, the only difference is the outcome and my niche market.

What are your competitive advantages?

I’ve built my brand in the same way I’ve built and developed myself as an individual, the key objective of my business is to help others to pursue a long healthy lifestyle. I stand out from my competitors as I fix the issues from the root in terms of modifying a person’s blueprint then I assist them with their fitness and health goals.

I also bring my morals, principles, vibes and energy when working with my clients treating them like family rather than a person I’ve worked with.

I’ve given my program away to clients many times for free to show how my process works and allow a chance to actually help others.

My relationship with my clients or any I work with is also amazing. I ensure we have connection, understanding and respect.

Where are you today and what are you most excited about in the future?

I am very grateful and content in the position I’m currently in however this is not the end. I have tremendous things I am going to achieve which will contribute towards expanding my business/brand.

I’m pushing myself in terms of my podcasting and have a great line of guest speakers in the woodwork, ensuring I bring the best show ever! Also, I remodelled my approach within my podcasting to make it better delivery.

The next steps for my business venture are to push for more clients, and develop a large platform for my brand and podcast show enabling me to travel across the world to undertake podcast interviews. Also in the pipeline designed clothing and distinctive products but now need to create and push through to sell!

What are your three top tips for others looking to follow in your footsteps?

  1. Believe in yourself because no one will believe in you and once you do, your dream will become a reality. Several times many people have put me down and stated I was not good enough and that I should not reach for the moon but to settle and be comfortable. I’ve never listened to negative thoughts from anyone including my own family as I believed in myself and know my full potential.
  2. Focus on what is important. This can be really hard as the world is a distraction but you need to eliminate these so you can see a clearer picture, and remove clutter from your life then you will achieve greatness. My methods are; journaling daily, meditation, writing down releases and practising positive thoughts.
  3. Stay consistent - do a little every day and trust me in the end it will make sense.

What platforms/tools do you use behind the scenes?

  • iMovie — to edit my podcast esp. and reels
  • Mojo — to ensure my Instagram post are better
  • Professional camera — better quality for my pictures

What resources have helped you the most?

  • Reading books — Expands my knowledge and changes my mindset towards certain things. e.g. How to Develop Your Mindset, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***, and The Secret to a Millionaire Mind.
  • Listening to other podcasts  — Helps me to develop my own podcast and obtain great ideas to implement e.g. Mike Thurston podcast, and Jesses James podcast.
  • YouTube —  this platform helps me learn many things I don’t know i.e. how to function my camera or how to use iMovie
  • Online courses — e.g. Developing Your Speaking Skills

Do you have any open job positions or partnership opportunities?

Yes I do have partnership opportunities to join my fitness/podcast venture. 

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