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tuck.: Changing the face of rewards

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tuck.: Changing the face of rewards

❓ Business Model

  • Discover the best places to eat, drink and shop whilst earning rewards.
  • Free for users and commission income from partner businesses.

📈 Traction

  • 45k total app installs in the 3 cities currently live (Leicester, Nottingham, Loughborough)
  • GMV grew by 300% in last quarter through gift card launch.
  • Partnered with 50+ popular brands to offer gift cards.
  • 150 restaurants onboarded for online ordering

🌱Founding Team

  • Neel Thakrar (Co-founder & CEO)
    - 2nd time founder; previously clothing brand
    - Background in technology consulting.
  • Dhruvesh Ranpura (Co-Founder and COO)
    - Previously consultant at BCS Consulting
    - Risk at KPMG and Atom Bank
tuck.: Changing the face of rewards

📖 Story

Uncertainty in the market breeds negativity about the economic outlook. Neel and Dhruvesh saw small businesses and normal people struggling with challenges like the cost of living crisis and wanted to do something about it.

tuck. was born to help businesses get better access to technology and get the visibility they deserved. They identified discovery as a key challenge because of poor and boring search engines. Like many of you, they thought rewards and loyalty programmes were broken and take too much effort to earn!

They believed points are worthless and giving customers cash in the pocket is far more important for loyalty. It's been a rollercoaster and they've pivoted and added new product lines based on feedback which are taking off and allowing them to scale. They now empower shoppers to discover the coolest places around UK who simply earn rewards for trying new places!

👀 Reasons to watch

  • The app has previously been restricted by location, but with established partnerships with national brands such as Amazon, ASDA, Boots, and Nando’s, it is now ready to be launched to over 60 million people across the UK.
  • With over 60 brands offering the best rewards on the app, the catalogue is continually expanding. More partnerships are set to be announced shortly, positioning the app as a daily money-saving companion for users nationwide.
  • Despite a decrease in inflation, over 70% of the UK population remains concerned about the cost of living. tuck., provides consumers with the ability to stretch their money further, allowing them to spend on things they enjoy. The app has become extremely important in the current economic climate.
  • tuck. is also exploring the development of a pioneering AI within the rewards space. With access to user transactional history, predictive spending models, and saving tips, among other features, several innovations are on the roadmap.

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