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Concr is a mission-driven techbio company that uses established methods from astrophysics to accurately predict patient outcomes and treatment response to novel and existing cancer therapies.  

Their unique approach allows iterative learning between disparate and fragmented data across all stages of a drug’s journey into the clinic, removing the need for ‘big data’ and yielding most accurate multi-modal tumour models.

Concr’s cloud native platform – FarrSight® – empowers researchers to computationally simulate clinical trials, make advanced predictions about therapeutic response and biomarkers, and perform standard bioinformatics analyses directly.

Concr is headquartered in London, with a wholly-owned subsidiary in Brisbane, Australia. The company is a venture capital-backed enterprise, with investors including the University of Cambridge Enterprise, R42 Group, Oncology Ventures, Debiopharm, Cambridge Angels, Deep Science Ventures and SyndicateRoom.

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March 12, 2024


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