Concr Secures £1.22 Million in Seed Funding for Oncology Biomarker Discovery

May 1, 2022

Cambridge Enterprise portfolio company Concr has recently closed a significant seed round, amassing £1.22 million in funding. This financial boost aims to propel Concr's pioneering efforts in leveraging machine learning for biomarker discovery in oncology. The investment will fuel advancements in scientific research, product development, and the expansion of collaborative ventures within the pharmaceutical industry.

The funding round saw participation from a diverse set of investors, including SyndicateRoom and Jo Pisani from Cambridge Angels, alongside Cambridge Enterprise and existing investor R42 Group. This collective support underscores the confidence in Concr's vision and technological prowess.

Concr, led by Chief Executive Matt Foster, stands at the forefront of merging computational frameworks with oncology data to revolutionise biomarker prediction. By employing statistical learning techniques, Concr can decipher complex datasets, enabling scientists to pinpoint biomarkers with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

"Our vision is to ensure precision oncology reaches the widest population, and that the widest population reaches precision oncology," states Matt Foster. This commitment to accessibility underscores Concr's mission to democratise precision medicine, making tailored treatments accessible to a broader patient base.

The significance of Concr's approach becomes apparent in the context of oncology research, where over 90% of novel cancer drugs fail early in clinical trials. Concr's innovative technology aims to mitigate this challenge by providing insights that enhance patient stratification and improve clinical trial success rates.

What sets Concr apart is its interdisciplinary team, comprising biomedical engineers, computational physicists, and medical oncologists. This diverse expertise enables Concr to leverage insights from fields like astrophysics to tackle the complexities of oncology data effectively.

Despite its global presence, with headquarters in London and a subsidiary in Brisbane, Concr remains deeply rooted in Cambridge, where its journey began. The company's expansion efforts are centered around attracting top talent to join its dynamic team, further solidifying its position as a leader in techbio innovation.

The infusion of fresh capital not only accelerates Concr's research endeavours but also strengthens its commitment to collaboration within the academic and pharmaceutical spheres. By fostering partnerships across diverse sectors, Concr aims to drive innovation and ultimately improve patient outcomes in oncology.

In conclusion, Concr's successful seed round marks a significant milestone in its quest to redefine biomarker discovery in oncology. With a steadfast focus on harnessing the power of machine learning and interdisciplinary collaboration, Concr is poised to make substantial contributions to the advancement of precision medicine.

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