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Block Dojo
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February 27, 2024
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Starting a new blockchain business? You don’t have to go it alone.
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Block Dojo is an in-person incubator in London. We run a 12-week programme for early-stage start-ups looking to leverage the power of blockchain.

In Europe, 50% of startups fail in the first three years*. Evidence shows joining an incubator or accelerator increases your chances of success and shortens the time to reach your seed and series A funding rounds.

The Dojo surrounds you with a team of successful and seasoned entrepreneurs to help you avoid the many pitfalls and barriers to success. We also provide access to our ecosystem of 3,000+ angel and venture capital investors, 130 mentors, blockchain developers and vast connections to potential clients across many industries.

Block Dojo is the UK’s top blockchain incubator having secured 24% of all UK blockchain funding rounds in 2022 (Beauhurst).

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❌ This role has already been filled, better luck next time! ❌

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